"‘A Tropical State’ is a group exhibition celebrating Queensland experiences. One hundred artists have been invited to explore their creative aesthetic as an ornamental object; looking at the pineapple as signifier of our place and time living in a tropical state."

Shown in Cairns during the 2018 Sea Walls festival and at First Coat Studios in Toowoomba, the catalogue acts a dual reference and artifact to commemorate the 'A Tropical State' exhibitions. Included throughout are many Australian artists, both established and amateur alike.

The design and layout were designed to show off each coconut while allowing for dense spreads of images when needed. Each coconut was individually masked, creating an aesthetic that felt seamless and flowed. Furthermore, the final installation was hung in a manner that mimicked the catalogue.

"The artists in this exhibition have used the supplied retro pineapples as a vehicle for the expression of individual and quintessential experiences of Queensland. Painted onto, carved into, deconstructed and protruding from the pine-shaped bowls, the artists convey personal responses that range from explorations of social histories, weather patterns, representations of native plants and animals, draw upon sexual symbology, childhood recollections and share an experience of place. The responses are as diverse as the State of Queensland itself."

— Ashleigh Campbell & Grace Dewar, Co-Curators