Established in 2018 by Olympic and Commonwealth swimming medalist, Taylor McKeown, Achievers Swim Academy was created with the vision of providing it's athletes with world-class training through the use techniques used internationally by the world’s best.

As the audience for Achievers is quite young, the identity system uses a commonly understood motif. The olive wreath is a widely accepted symbol of success that is recognised by most, and even more astutely throughout sporting culture. As Taylor herself is an Olympic medalist, the wreath ties closely into her journey and level of success. Furthermore, many of the Achievers students aim to be future Olympians themselves.

The typography helps to further communicate the level of prestige that many of Achiever's students aim for, helping to better align themselves with the brand. A secondary communication system was also developed to help portray various messages over different mediums using the wreaths as a framing device. This can be seen through communication on social media.

Using these core elements, a series of social media assets and styles were created to help Taylor leverage her 25,000+ Instagram followers across her personal and business accounts.