Passionate about agribusiness and the people within the industry, National Agri-Solutions takes a grounded approach to recruiting the most suitable candidates for the best jobs.

Josh Peters, agri-recruiter, has been in the industry for over a decade, and as National Agri-Solutions grows, he required various brand elements aligned. Josh is an experienced professional, and his business needs to reflect this fact.

As part of the process, his logo (type and icon) were adjusted to better fit into the broader identity scheme. The type was edited to be clearer and more legible at small sizes, while the icon was simplified to improve rendering and the overall legibility. A typographic, grid and image system was also created to work as an underlying template and methodology for creating the various documents needed throughout the recruitment process.

The National Agri-Solution digital presence was also refined, ensuring consistent communication across various recruitment touchpoints. Social media templates and strategies were created and implemented, while the website was simplified to provide better communication and flow of information to his potential clientele base.