Taking influence from pop and Japanese culture, Sidekick Studios is the photography practice of Bryce Southgate-Smith. He aims to capture the spirit and personality in everything he shoots.

Taking ques from Japanese pop-culture, manga and anime, the wordmark acts as a hero graphic within it's own right, while also adapting into part of a framing device. The wordmark is created using a custom-made font built on a grid, which aims to balance boldness and legibility.

Building off the logo, the custom type is further being expanded into a custom display font, so Bryce can communicate an array or different messages, across different mediums while maintaining consistency and tone of voice.

The style of cropped images was conceived naturally after noticing how Bryce already cropped his images on social media. This provided a platform to build a visual language around a graphic style which was already being implemented.

A combination of the logo, framing device and image style create an identity system which is incredibly flexible, allowing it to adapt to many different mediums.