Snap Click is a VR game series that revolves around the discovery and assembly of puzzle pieces, which are used to build larger objects in an immersive 3-dimensional world.

Snap Click is the first IP to be produced by Brisbane-based games design studio, The Orphanage, and is the base mechanic behind their debut game, Fossil Diggers VR. In this game, players explore vast areas, discovering dinosaur fossils which they then use to build the entire dinosaur skeleton.

As Virtual Reality games in the mainstream are still relatively new, the logo focusses on communicating a tangible, familiar core game mechanic that can easily be understood. The logo gives a visual representation of how separated, 'broken' puzzle pieces come together to create the whole. At its heart, Snap Click is the next generation of experiential puzzle games.

The logo is built on a modular grid, meaning each letter can be broken down into a nearly infinite combination of pieces, lending itself to a large number of secondary branding outcomes across both print and digital.