Born from the ashes of the 2008 GFC, The Orphanage is an Australian games design studio based in Brisbane, Queensland. It is a place for talented artists and engineers to come together and create.

With the fallout of the 2008 GFC, major game developers and studios were forced to leave Brisbane in favour of other major cities. Because of this, a void appeared in Brisbane, where experienced game designers and developers lacked appropriate employment experiences. The industry had largely abandoned Brisbane. After many years of high-level freelance work, Sean Gobey and Alex Stevens teamed up to create The Orphanage. They wanted to create somewhere they could build their dreams, and make games at the highest, international standards.

The brand and identity have been designed to be bold, confident and courageous, communicating the attitude of the studio. Furthermore, the brand includes various technical elements, visualising the combination of the bold creative and the highly specialised. All typographic elements can be used consistently across both digital and physical mediums.

The icon/brand mascot, 'Orphan', was illustrated by Gold Coast-based designer, Kiel Tillman. She is designed to be a strong, bad-ass female character, who represents fighting against adversity. Sean and Alex consider themselves orphans of their industry, forgotten and left to fend for themselves. Now they're fighting back.

Icon Illustration:
Kiel Tillman